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Valgas orphanage was established in 27 December 1949 when came first children. There was 30 vacancies. Orphanage welcome children in age 0-3. In period of the Soviet Union, children had to stay in 4 different orphanages before they got adult and started their own life.

Since 1989 we started to pay attention on adoption. Therefore we had more space and children didn’t have to move from one orphanage to next orphanage.

Our orphanage has been in three different buildings. To our present building we moved in 24 July 2000. We have 31 vacancies and welcome children in age 0-18.

In 01 January 2002 we change our name to Valga Lastekodu Kurepesa (Valgas Orphanage Stork’s nest). Valgas city administration manages our institution.

Number of the children in orphanage is 31 . Today, in orphanage, we have 29 children. The youngest is 16 month old and the oldest is 19 years old. Children are divided to 3 different groups – familys

Our main goal is to find families to our children (adoption, guardianship families). We try to support children relationship with their parents or grandparents. For children who we couldn’t find families, we try make their living in orphanage as homely and cosy as possible. Support their education acquiring, try to broaden the horizon and find interesting activity for free time.

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